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  • F&B Concept Creation with Celebrity Chefs
  • Restaurant Pre-Opening Services
  • Restaurant Franchising
  • Restaurant Advisory
  • Hospitality Strategy & Support
  • Design Development Advisory
  • Hotel Operator Selection
  • Hotel Asset Management

The Business Approach

Over the past decade, many hotel owners and management companies have looked to independent restaurant concepts - often associated with Celebrity Chefs - to increase revenue and enhance hotel image and guest experiences.

Wingell Hospitality Group Inc is pioneering a way forward in the hospitality and culinary field, with the introduction of novel approaches .

These strategic approaches give hotel owners and management companies an edge to enhance their portfolio of culinary experiences in their respective properties, by bringing in the star appeal and expertise of renown celebrity chefs, and a team of experienced hospitality professionals.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Joint Venture Partnerships across the
globe with initiatives underway in Colombo, Hong
Kong, Shanghai and Paris - openings in 2022/23


Hotel and Restaurant Consultancy for
Pre-Opening and improving operational and
financial performance.

Why Cloud Kitchens

Are a smarter alternative

Since COVID-19, there has been a surge in the number of food delivery orders placed online via food delivery apps. The ease in getting food delivered at the doorstep and in record time has led to a paradigm shift in the way people are consuming food.

As the number of online orders increase, and dine-in sales reduce, restaurant operators have started to shut down storefronts altogether and move toward the more economically profitable, online food platforms such as cloud kitchens.

The average order-preparation time is 20- 25 minutes, which may vary depending on the type of cuisine. Allocating another 5 minutes for packaging, the order should ideally be out for delivery by the 30th minute to deliver it to the customer in under 45 minutes.

Build Customer
Trust and Loyalty

Menu items that are seasoned and garnished and requires food presentation to be delivery-ready. For instance, our cuisine is relatively easier to package and deliver compared to some Asian and Continental cuisines that can be not so much.

Kitchen Display Systems also record the time taken to accept food orders, prepare, package and dispatch the food order. This allows us to identify any lags or delays and enables us to optimize operations further.

Packaging plays a crucial role in not just determining how the food will be delivered, but also impacts the entire customer’s dining experience. Since COVID-19 made it hard to deliver a great guest experience through ambience and hospitality in the food business, Great, Innovative. Environmentally friendly packaging is essential for creating an impact on the minds of the customers.

Without high quality packaging, the food will be delivered cold, soggy, and not entirely fit for consumption.

The Studio Kitchen

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